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Mold Testing in Radcliff, KY

An ordinary home mold test requires a visual inspection alongside the property owner about any areas with mold, moisture problems, or water damage in the zone. The problem with this is that not many inspection companies search thoroughly as some of these mold areas can be almost invisible.

For the most part, the Mold test is only visual, with no special equipment required other than to access some restricted areas of the home. Expertise and knowledge separate a traditional mold test from an outstanding one. At GH Inspection, we are a dedicated mold test company that will help you find the peace of mind you deserve.

Professional Home Mold Tests that Keep Your Family Safe

The extension of a mold test requires expertise in HVAC systems, roofs, exterior, and plumbing systems. Musty odors, moisture obtrusion on roof or plumbing leak, or even suspected mold are enough reasons for a home mold test. Remember that once mold invades your property, it is incredibly hard to eradicate it, so the best cure is to diagnose it on time.

Here are just some locations where mold can grow on your home:

  • Behind your refrigerator
  • Beneath stacks of newspaper
  • Behind the drywall
  • Below sinks
  • Behind the wallboard around leaking windows
  • Ventilation ducts

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Mold testing implicates two possible methods: Air sampling and surface sampling. In both cases, an extensive analysis from an inspector is necessary.

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