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When the home-buying season starts, you should make sure your home is safe and ready for the market. An essential part of this process is a pre-sale home inspection (also known as pre-purchase home inspection). It is true that this service is not mandatory for anyone, but it can make it more attractive for potential buyers. Here at GH Inspection, we will let you know your house’s current condition for plumbing, roofing, lighting, and more.
Get the value for your home that you deserve. A Pre-seller listing inspection not only prepares you for selling your home, but also prepares you for a buyer’s negotiating power. Our thorough home inspection report can serve as your defense for identifying discrepancies in a buyer’s inspection report, which may delay closing by requiring unnecessary repairs or forfeiting closing costs.

Advantages of a Home Inspection Pre-Purchase

It’s a common scenario that someone who’s going to purchase a new house will gradually discover potential issues as they can also decide to make a home inspection pre-purchase. Having a pre-sale home inspection checklist will help you establish that you’re open about the condition of your property and can gain trust from potential buyers.

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Start discussing your upcoming project with GH Inspection and take advantage of all the benefits of a pre-sale home inspection. Our goal is to make you feel comfortable with fantastic customer service and affordable prices.

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