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Have you considered that your home might be exposed to radon contamination? As an odorless and tasteless natural gas, radon is incredibly hazardous to you and your family, and it might be hard to detect without the proper equipment. If radon is present in your home, it can stay up for years and increase over time.

With GH Inspection, you can rest assured that your home’s radon test is in good hands. Daniel is an experienced radon inspector who can quickly detect even the minimum amount of this dangerous gas in your home and enclosed areas.

Here’s Why You Need a Radon Inspection in Your Home

Radon contamination can cause cancer if there is continuous exposure and many other risky health issues. Ensure your family and loved ones are safe from hazardous exposure from these chemicals with the help of our radon inspection tests. 

Some of the benefits of its early detection include:


  • Prevention of respiratory diseases
  • Prevention of lung cancer
  • Increase of airflow in your house
  • Radon resistant construction materials for new homes

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There’s a higher chance respiratory diseases can be treated better if you prevent them. At GH Inspection, your safety comes first, and we know that having your home tested is the only effective way to determine if your property is at high-risk radon exposure.

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