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A reinspection is more common and valuable from the buyer’s perspective. This process is vital for the final part of ensuring the home condition is the same or better than when it was originally inspected.


At GH Inspection, we care about your safety and take the quality of repair work seriously. After any seller repairs your potential new home, a reinspection of the repair list is highly recommended. Major issues that the seller may have addressed with roofing, electric, plumbing, HVAC, and windows, should follow with a reevaluation that thoroughly passes inspection.

Why You Should Request a Re-Inspection

Sellers with a pre-sale home inspection that provide buyers a re-inspection report of repairs, will improve buyer’s confidence and increase the value of the home.

Home buyers that have hired our home inspection services will benefit the same thoroughness in our reinspection of the repair report. Reinspections for our clients are FREE. You may also request reinspection services for other inspectors’ repair reports; such as buyers reinspecting a seller’s repairs based on the seller’s inspector report, or reinspecting repairs from a buyer’s inspector report from another company. Reinspections for new clients are only $50!

Benefits of our home re-inspection services:

  • Fix potential issues before a purchase
  • Ensure high quality repairs
  • Reevaluate home’s safety
  • Improve buyer’s confidence

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